oman-owned, led, and operated Sky High PEO is a different kind of PEO (professional employer organization). Sky High PEO is a full-service employment organization that helps various companies in various industries manage things like:

  • Human Resources
  • Staffing
  • Employee Benefits 
  • Payroll processing
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Worker’s Compensation  
  • 401K

Sky High PEO says: “regardless of the industry you’re in, or how many employees you have, we can provide the services you need to keep your employees satisfied and your business running smoothly.”

Sky High PEO services companies and industries all over the United States: east coast, midwest, west coast, and down south, and has offices all over those regions as well: Florida, California, Hawaii, Virginia, Canada, and Missouri, to name a few. I interviewed Veronica Lake, the founder, and CEO of Sky High PEO, to learn more about the company, the services, and how Sky High helps cannabis industry companies. 

Get to Know Sky High PEO

In this Q & A, founder and CEO of Sky High PEO Veronica Lake, tells all about the company and what she faced when launching. The interview has been slightly edited for clarity. 

Prior to being the founder and CEO of Sky High PEO, what was your career? 

“I worked in the staffing industry, but that didn’t seem to matter when I talked to men in business about launching Sky High PEO. When I officially opened, several men told me that there was no way it would ever succeed. They would hang up. Some even slammed the phone down, not allowing me to elaborate, but I pushed through and did what a lot of people couldn’t or wanted due to the stigma of Cannabis. I believe my strength came from growing up in foster care, surviving on my own, and believing in my wants and visions instead of what society tried to force on me.” 

You all offer PEO services to cannabis businesses. Why do cannabis businesses need these services?  

“Making it possible for employees to have: Health Care, Dental, Vision, COVID pay, 401K/ Retirement Programs, and Life Insurance is very important. If an employer can care for their employee, it shows compassion. Giving a person the ability to plan for the future with a retirement plan is the most selfless thing an employer can do. At the time the employee is working for an employer, they are caring for the business and/or product. Giving employees benefits and the ability to look forward to retirement shows you want the best for them. Caring for an employee leads to the employee caring for the business!”

What’s the most important thing for cannabis businesses to know about PEOs? 

“The amount of money a company can save by partnering with a PEO is worth exploring. For example, workers’ compensation/benefits pricing is about three times lower than if a company were to purchase on its own. The PEO takes the liability away from the owner, and with the PEO handling all areas of Human Resources, the owner of the company can concentrate on growing their business instead of the day-to-day Human Resources tasks/functions.  

SKY HIGH PEO fights for the company and against workers’ compensation fraud. We will investigate and report any fraudulent claims. The truth is business owners need to concentrate on the business and allow a PEO to manage the people aspect. A PEO that will fight for them.”

Please tell me about Sky High PEO being an “A” rated workers’ compensation carrier.

“An A-rated insurance company is one that the credit agencies judge to be on strong financial footing. An A-rated insurance company is more likely to honor the terms of your policy than a company with a lower grade.” 

Is there any state in the United States that Sky High PEO doesn’t service?

Sky High PEO has the ability to do business in any legalized medical or adult-use Cannabis state.” 

In Closing

I asked Veronica to close out our interview with a piece of advice for employers that want to retain their top talent. Veronica responded: “Partner with Sky High PEO.”

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Author: Veronica Castillo, a Writer from Miami, with a pre-Cannabis and Psychedelics Industries background in insurance and human resources. Currently, she is a resident of the road covering cannabis, psychedelics, and plant lifestyles all over the U.S and soon abroad. IG: LI: